Farming For Libya

TechnoFarm International LTD

Tarhouna Agriculture Project

The Tarhona farm was developed in late 2004 and includes 415 hectares of field crops consisting of 13 linear move irrigation systems and 50 hectares of drip irrigation for fruit tree production.

The Tarhona farm has very good soils which, in combination with the latest irrigation and farming technology supplied by Technofarm, are producing high yields. Our current records include: 8.4 tons/hectare wheat, 7.5 tons/hectare of barley, 5.4 tons/hectare oats and 42 tons/hectare potatoes. Other crops include corn and forage sorghum.

Construction will start in Late 2006 on the development of 370 hectares of super-intensive olive production using drip irrigation. This development will also include the installation of a complete oil press and processing facility.