Farming For Libya

TechnoFarm International LTD

Gararah Algataf Project

The project site is approximately 200 kilometers south of Tripoli near the town of Beni Walid. Irrigation water is supplied from a 1250 meter deep artesian well that produces 70 liters/second of water at a high temperature of 52 degrees. In addition the water is characterized by high mineral content, especially sulfur.

In order to effectively utilize this water, Technofarm installed two special 50 hectare center pivots from Valmont Industries. The pivot pipes are lined with polyurethane to protect the system from the corrosive water and extend the life of the pivots. In addition, sprinkler nozzles with a large distribution pattern were utilized to cool the water in the air before it makes contact with the crop.

During the first two year of production the farm has produced very good yields of wheat, barley and corn and the farm will be expanded as new wells are developed. One new well was completed in Summer 2006 and another pivot irrigating 80 hectares will be in production for the winter season 2006/2007