Farming For Libya

TechnoFarm International LTD

Our History

Technofarm was initially formed in 2002 in order to participate in its first project with The Great Man Made River Water Utilization Authority(GMRWUA). The Al Khadra Large Farm Agriculture Project Contract 369 was signed in July 2002 as a pilot project to determine the feasibility of combining the resources provided by the Great Man Made River and foreign investment companies. This project is located next to the town of Al Khadra, 50 kilometers south of Benghazi, and entailed the development of 1,200 hectares of irrigation using linear move systems.

The Great Man Made River Water Utilization Authority provides the land, the water and the irrigation systems. Technofarm invests in the required crop inputs such as seed, fertilizers, labor and management. After harvest and sale of the crops, the resulting proceeds are shared by the two parties.

Based on the success of this pilot project, in 2004 Technofarm signed contracts for further development at the Al Khadra site to include an additional 12,000 hectares and for the development of 600 hectares at the Tarhona Agriculture project south of Tripoli. In addition, a small pilot project was developed in Gararah Al Gataf, using water from deep well.

In 2005, Technofarm and GMRWUA agreed to the development of 5000 hectares at the Sirt Large Farms Project near Sirt Libya.